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Who We Are

  • An independent community bank.
  • Serving the community of Deerfield and South Central Wisconsin
  • Offers complete financial programs for individuals, professionals and business.
  • Money deposited at Bank of Deerfield is invested back into our community through consumer, construction and commercial loans.
  • Recognized for quality banking, safety and soundness and genuine personal service.

History - Celebrating our 125th Anniversary

The Bank of Deerfield, as it appeared in 1918.
This was the bank's second location on Main Street in downtown Deerfield.

The Bank of Deerfield was founded in 1887 by H.B. Fargo and was originally known as the H.B. Fargo Company. In 1909 the business name was formally changed to the Bank of Deerfield. Over the next 20 years, the Bank of Deerfield expanded and relocated to a larger location on Main Street. During this period the First National Bank merged with the Bank of Deerfield.

In our 116 year history, the Bank of Deerfield has occupied three different buildings on Main Street in Deerfield. Pictured above is the bank's location in 1918. We moved into our current location on Main Street in January 1980.

Throughout our 116 year history, we have been a full-service bank offering a personal touch that simply can't be found at larger banks. We are committed to providing only the highest level of prompt, professional, friendly SERVICE to our customers in the village of Deerfield and surrounding areas.